We Won’t Be Druv!

We Won’t Be Druv! was commissioned by Battle Arts and Music Festival in 2014. Over 250 children from 8 primary schools joined to give the first performance in the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea.


We Won’t Be Druv! is a Sussex expression meaning ‘we won’t be pushed around or told what to do’.  In this story a group of children are horrified to learn that the government intends to sell their county in order to solve an(other) economic crisis. Not only are they going to sell the county but it is going to be physically removed and taken bit by bit, town by town, village by village to other parts of the world, leaving a great big hole which the sea will eventually fill. The children mount a secret campaign to confront the government minister responsible, silently leaving their beds in the middle of the night and walking all the way to London (well, actually they got about 5 miles before their parents catch up with them but the adults are so impressed with their children’s commitment that they decide to take them to the Houses of Parliament anyway!). When they get there they confront the minister……..


8 songs with narration and rehearsal tracks


Click the Buttons to Hear Excerpts from the Songs:

No 1. East Sussex For Sale!No 2. We Won't Be DruvNo 4. We're Going To Miss the FunfairNo 7. Lost Now Our Freedom

Duration – 30 minutes

NB. The script and lyrics can be adapted to suit different regions and locations on request



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