Songs from String


1. Hey Cupid, Are You Working Today?                      Young Harriet/Young Tom

2. The Last Train on the Cuckoo Line                         Joan

3. This House                                                              Harriet/Tom

4. Sussex Boys                                                           Nelson and Farmhands

5. A Helping Hand to Fate                                          Young Tom

6. The Day that Sussex Died                                      Robin and Ensemble

7. Hailsham Queen                                                    Youth Ensemble

8. When You Least Expect It                                      Young Tom/ Young Harriet/ Ensemble

9. Lowther’s Lambs                                                     Nelson and Soldiers

10. The Tunnel of Love                                               Young Tom/Young Harriet/ Ensemble

12. Hometown                                                             Peter, Joan and Ensemble

13. Love’s the Greatest Market in the World              Joan and Stallholders

14. There’s only One Summer for Love                       Harriet

15. Can’t Let the World Go/ This House (Reprise)   Harriet and Tom

17. This Town                                                               Ensemble

Harriet and Ensemble Parts – Marcia Bellamy

Joan and Ensemble Parts – Abbie Marsden

Young Harriet and Ensemble Parts- Amy Page

Tom, Peter, Nelson and Ensemble Parts – Jozik Kotz

Young Tom and Ensemble Parts – Curtis Medley

Songs written by Stephen Plaice and Tony Biggin

Recorded at Alt Studios, Hove.

Engineer – Luke Marsden

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