Nia Delyn – 21st March 1990 – 20th December, 2023

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 Tony Biggin and Anna Rowntree were devastated to report that their beautiful, funny, vibrant, loving daughter, Nia, took her life on Wednesday, 20th December, 2023. Despite the difficulties she faced during her teens and early twenties she had bravely turned her life around and had been doing really well for the past 5 years. Unfortunately she encountered problems from which it seems she could find no way out.

Nia’s funeral was held at 2.00pm on Tuesday, January 23rd at Wealden Crematorium, Horam.

Anna, Tony and her brother, Tom, were immensely grateful to all her family, friends and colleagues who attended the funeral –


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The funeral was streamed online.

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14 Responses to Nia

  1. Avatar Jen Ballington-James
    Jen Ballington-James says:

    I am so, so sad to hear this. Heartbreaking. I hope with all my heart that she has found the peace she was seeking now. My heart goes out to Tony and Anna. Sending all of you love and hugs. God bless.

  2. Avatar Helen Thorley
    Helen Thorley says:

    Sending you both my love and heartfelt thoughts.
    You were both such influential people in my life and I am blessed to know you both. As a mum of 5! I cannot imagine the place you are now in.
    I remember you both sharing your love for your children when I was a student and wish there was some way of paying forward a kindness to diminish the heartache of losing a child as amazing as Nia. Please know that I will hold Nia and her life served, albeit too short, close to my heart.

    I will hold you all in my heart as a take each step forward – I would not be where I’m am nor who I am without you both. X. With love Helen x

  3. Sending all my love to you all at this time. I wanted to write something sooner but have found it difficult.

    I didn’t know Nia very long as she only joined Hailsham hockey at the start of this season. But in truth it was like I had known her for a lot longer. As soon as she joined she was great. She had not played hockey before and went straight in and joined to be the goal keeper.

    She did so well and always came with a smile and wanted to learn. She improved week on week and I know had some great games with the 3s team and you could see her becoming more and more confident with it.

    She will be truly missed within the club and we hope that she has now found peace.

    Love Trin (Katherine)

  4. To Nia’s family,
    “It’s okay.
    It’s okay to miss them.
    It’s okay to say their name.
    It’s okay to cry.
    It’s okay to laugh.
    It’s okay to breathe deeply.
    It’s okay to smile when you think of them.
    It’s okay to function.
    It’s okay to have days where you can’t function.
    It’s okay to be angry.
    It’s okay to be thankful.
    It’s okay to love again.
    It’s okay to remember.
    It’s okay to hope.
    It’s okay to be honest.
    It’s okay to trust again.
    It’s okay.
    It’s okay.
    It’s okay.”

    To beautiful Nia, my Kew Woods friend, may you forever be at peace x

  5. Avatar John Bowler
    John Bowler says:

    Dear Tony, Anna, Tom and family. My deepest sympathy and fondest thoughts are with you . Dear Nia – what a joy to meet you! Fare forward you bright, funny, beautiful voyager. Find peace on your voyage. X

  6. Avatar Jan Achterhof
    Jan Achterhof says:

    R.I.P Nia
    You are at rest now xx

  7. Avatar Rachael Newton
    Rachael Newton says:

    Nia was only at the hockey club for a short time, but she fit in with us straight away. She was doing so well as our goalie – it was so great to see her confidence grow every week. She always came to ‘teas’ with us after a game – where we would all chat for ages. We will miss her there and on the pitch.

    Sending love to you all today. We will always remember her at hockey.



  8. Avatar Mary and John
    Mary and John says:

    Dear Tony, Anna and Tom, we didn’t know Nia personally but we felt as if we did. We followed her journey through you, and knew how much you loved, cared and supported her. She achieved so much in her short life and touched the lives of many for the better. We have been holding you all in our thoughts and prayers and will be with you today. Nia will now be at peace, a peace that she found so difficult in life. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers as you move forward in your lives without her.
    With love
    Mary and John

  9. Sending Anna, Tony, Tomas, family and Nia’s friends my love and heartfelt condolences at their tragic heartbreaking loss of dear Nia.
    My memory of Nia is as a very musical talented violinist with huge potential, a truly delightful and lovely pupil,.
    Dearest Nia RIP and make music with the angels, you will be forever loved.

  10. Avatar Rachel Slade
    Rachel Slade says:

    Sending love and prayers to Tony and Anna. I never met Nia but I can’t begin to imagine the grief to lose your adult child in this way, I was sorry that I wasn’t able to attend today but I have been thinking about you and holding you in the light. With love, Rachel xx

  11. Avatar Amanda Long
    Amanda Long says:

    My love and prayers for you all.
    I knew Nia for such a short time but you both played such an important part in my life. I can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling at this time and I genuinely am holding you in my thoughts so much.

  12. Avatar Katharine Elwis
    Katharine Elwis says:

    To the dear little girl we knew and loved, you did so well. You were so brave. I shall always remember you visiting us at Clogwin y Gwin . My mum knew you were a special soul and we all loved you. My thoughts are with your mum and dad and Tomos. God wanted you back a little early – you are at peace now!

  13. Avatar Innocent NUNDA
    Innocent NUNDA says:

    My love and prayers be to and yours for this my friend….

  14. Avatar John Dunston
    John Dunston says:

    We heard only yesterday of the tragic news. Susie and I both remember Nia so well from her time at LP, where she made such a great and lasting impression, musically of course, but as a wonderful young person altogether. The school was so fortunate that with Tony’s arrival, we had the chance of welcoming Nia and Tom to the LP community too. Everyone there who knew Nia will have been desperately saddened to hear of her loss, after the difficult times she had experienced. May she be at peace now.