Gritter! The Musical

Gritter! is about group of children who want to put on a Christmas show but can’t decide what it should be about. They try out songs about Father Christmas and a gloomy, worried Snowman called Tim (or was it Colin?) and even a song about not being able to decide what to sing about! Unfortunately, by the time they are ready it has started snowing and they urgently need the help of a Gritter lorry to get them to the venue. When they finally arrive they discover that their songs won’t really be suitable because there’s going to be a traditional nativity that evening……..


They agree to sing some nativity songs instead and the show is a great success (even though Herod’s trousers don’t fit – apparently it’s a fashion statement so don’t say “pull your trouser up!”)

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Below are some extracts from the rehearsal tracks for ‘Gritter! – the Musical’, which was first performed by children from 80 primary schools in East Sussex during the 12 concerts which comprised their Great Big Christmas Sing in 2014. All the Gritter names were devised by primary school children and are in use on the the East Sussex fleet of glitter lorries.

Here are some extracts from the rehearsal tracks:

Hey! Father Christmas!Gritter!On The WayHerod - And Those Trousers!

8 songs with narration, backing tracks and rehearsal tracks.

Suitable for children aged 8 – 12

Click here to see a short video of excerpts from Tony Biggin’s Christmas Musicals for Schools on YouTube




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