Camel Hot

Camel Hot is a light-hearted, unison cantata for children which tells the Christmas story in a rather unconventional way. It is particularly suitable for children aged 8 – 13 and includes a rockin’ and rollin’ camel, a very itchy stable and the chance for Joseph (rather than Mary) to sing the lullaby! camel hot cover from lulu croped 400Tongue-in-cheek but not irreverent, the piece introduces the Christmas story in a humorous way and aims to provide a springboard for discussion as well as a vehicle for school and church productions. The most important elements of any successful performance of Camel Hot are energy, enthusiasm and a sense of humour


Click here to download the score, lyrics, script, rehearsal tracks and backing tracks for £7.99

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Click the Buttons to Hear Excerpts from the Songs:

The VillagersThe CamelThe Star Goes OnOn The RoadLullaby


‘Begin again at Bethlehem’ and ‘Camel Hot’ should be performed in every primary school – I can’t imagine there being any better Christmas Musicals written for children. I remember both from beginning to end – and I still have my copies!”

– says Sera who sang in the first performance – seems like yesterday (but isn’t!)

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